Recess Stencils

Hopscotch Video: How to paint hopscotch.

Peaceful Playgrounds

Recess Stencils can add a variety of games and activities to the school playground.  Best of all, the playground stencils are not only utilitarian but also aesthetically pleasing to school age children. The Peaceful Playgrounds recess stencils were developed with the goal of providing students with age-appropriate games and activities that would get children physically active.

In response to the many requests for carrying individual recess stencils we now offer some of our most popular playground stencils for purchase.  Although we will not sell any of our licensed proprietary stencils we have added three generic playground stencils that you will find on many playgrounds.   In addition to our U.S. Map and World Map Stencils, we also carry a hopscotch stencil, a four square stencil and a regulation basketball court stencil.  You can find more information about how to apply the stencils and painting instructions on our painting playground markings resource page.

U. S. Playground Map Stencil

The U.S. playground map stencil is one of our most popular stencils.  The full-size roll-out stencil comes complete with painting instructions, paint suggestions, playground preparation for placing the stencil and a suggested games guide for the U.S. Map.

Playground Stencils


World Map Playground Stencil


Playground and Recess Stencil  Packages

Select from two Recess Stencil Packages.  The PE and Recess Stencil Package or the Playground Stencil Package.

The PE and playground stencil package comes with 10 different game stencils that can be added to the K-6 playground.  The Recess Game Stencil Package comes with 6 recess games and activities.


Peaceful Playgrounds offers a variety of individual recess stencils.


Our Four Square Playground Stencil is a full-size court with layout instructions and suggestions, as well as, game instructions for four square. Roll out stencils make it easy to chalk in and line a four square court.


Another popular stencil that can be found on most school playgrounds is a hopscotch stencil.  Our full-size stencil makes painting and laying out the court easy and quick.  The stencil comes with a set of numbers 1-9 and game rules for playing hopscotch.  View our How to Paint Hopscotch video below for seeing for further instructions.