A variety of equipment packages is available for your convenience. In order to replenish your recess equipment pack two options are available:

Companion Recess Equipment


PE and Recess Equipment Pack is the equipment package that comes with the Recess Program Bundle. It includes approximately 200 pieces of equipment. The equipment is sized for elementary school students with Jr. size sports balls like footballs, basketballs. soccer balls, and volleyballs which students will encounter in youth sports programs. The set includes 12 poly playground balls, kick balls, bases, flag football belts, flying disks, ball inflator, ball storage bags, tether balls, scoops, plastic balls, game cones, jump ropes, and more. Best of all the set comes in 6 different colors of equipment, great for assigning a color to each grade level.





Yearly Equiment Pack


The Recess Equipment Yearly Replacement Pack is a smaller pack with the consumable equipment that needs replacing at least once a year. Set includes sports balls, playground balls, kick balls, tetherballs bases, jump rope etc. This equipment was selected based on heavily used equipment.