Well designed Brain Breaks accomplish three purposes: 1) they refresh students, 2) they refocus students for learning and 3) they re-energize students.

Free Monthly Brain Breaks

Purpose of Brain Breaks

Every teacher has experienced the glazed look from students who basically need a break.  When kids get tired or bored, they tend to check out.  Once kids begin to check out– they are no longer learning!  Enter Brain Breaks.  Brain Brains Themes capture attention and motivate students to re-engage.  A short physical break also stimulates the brain and ready it for learning.

“Our study indicates that even small activity breaks could have a substantial impact on children’s long-term health.”

Jack A. Yanovski, M.D     Chief, NICHD’s Section on Growth and Obesity

Theme Brain Breaks:  Peaceful Playgrounds Activity Cards

Peaceful Playgrounds Theme Brain Break Cards have multiple uses.  As a refreshing break in the classroom so that students can focus when they return to indoor classroom academic work.  They are also great for physical education indoors or outside.  They are perfect for indoor recess when the weather dictates that children remain inside.

They are designed to be led by teachers, aides, physical education teachers, after school staff, recreation staff and are appropriate for early childhood educators.  After the cards are introduced to students then student leaders can also lead activities.   They are also good for instant activities or sponge activities.

Theme Cards

The following Themes are now available for purchase.  Originally they were given away free in the Play Nice Newsletter for our readers.  Once a month a digital product is included for free download.  Sign up for the newsletter here.  https://peaceful.synx3demo.com/newsletter-archive/

1.  Active Animal Brain Break Cards           January

2. Valentine Cards Brain Breaks                  February

3. St Patrick’s Day Break Cards                    March

4.  Exercise Dice                                              April

5.  Road Trip Brain Break Cards                    May

Beach Day Brain Breaks FREE                    June

7.  Rock Star Brain Break Cards                     July

 8.  Beach Day Brain Break Cards                August

9.   Sports Brain Break Cards                       September

10. Fantasy Football Brain Break Cards     October

 11.  Thanksgiving Brain Break Cards           November

12. Cowboy Rodeo Brain Break Cards         December

13. Pirate Walk Brain Break Cards              January

14. Halloween Brain Break Cards                October

15. Fall Brain Break Cards                              November

16. Christmas Brain Break Cards                 December


2 Go Games Brain Breaks

The  2 Go Indoor Games Program Kit includes everything you need to create and implement an exciting indoor Peaceful Playground activity in your classroom, church or daycare center. The perfect solution for after school programs, rainy/snow day activities, physical education stations, volunteer-led activities, youth groups, YMCA’s and much more. Great for Response to Intervention activities. 2-Go Games for IndoorRecess activities are highly motivating as kids think they are playing games, making learning fun. 2 Go Games are ideal for classroom stations and the table cards allow for 30 students to participate in each game. Integrated learning through movement activities introducing and enforcing academic concepts in a fun learning environment.